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Quelques vols décalés à Fidji le samedi 05 avril 2014

2 Avril 2014, 13:27pm

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Ci-dessus, le lien , ci-dessous l'article en anglais !


Fiji Airways has today advised that customers travelling on various flights over the next week will face some delays, due to unscheduled maintenance work.

Flights below will face delays, while 2 flights have been rescheduled further to operate the following days.

Over the next week, a total 20 flights will be affected (details are listed below).

Fiji Airways Reservations teams are contacting all affected customers advising them of the change in flight times. Customers wishing to re-confirm their flights times are also welcome to call Fiji Airways Reservations on 672 0888 and 330 4388.

Flight Changes

Airport Codes: NAN – Nadi, AKL – Auckland, SYD – Sydney, LAX – Los Angeles, BNE – Brisbane, VLI – Port Vila.

All times in Local

Saturday 05th April 2014

FJ 261 - Nadi Port VIla

FJ 810 - Nadi Los Angeles

( entre autres vols )

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